Krystal’s gift to recognize the needs of others, combined with her transparency, comedic relief and work experience makes her a powerhouse.

Who Does Krystal Work With?

Krystal has the ability to reach several audiences due to her professional career and community involvement. Krystal is not only passionate about the topics she shares but she is able to speak first-hand as a former student leader, community patron, investor and marketing strategists. Business professionals, educators and student leaders agree—Krystal is unforgettable.

Which Topics Are Shared?

Messages are personalized depending on the needs of the audience. During the booking process, Krystal will spend time understanding your audience to ensure the message is appropriate and provides value and impact.

Slay Girl Slay

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise, yet we see so few woman in leadership roles.Women are 50.8 percent of the U.S. population but make up only 14.6 percent of executive officers, 8.1 percent of top earners, and 4.6 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs. While women control 80 percent of consumer spending in the United States, they are only 3 percent of creative directors in advertising. All of these gender gaps are widened when we layer women of color. Krystal has always been an advocate for the advancement of women in leadership as a current executive in a male dominated industry she understands the importance of taking a seat at the table. In this journey to the top, Krystal will share some of the gender biases she has encountered throughout her career and what it takes to shut down negative self talk. As a result of this keynote, audience members will understand:

• How to get out of your own way

• Setting boundaries and negotiating your role

• Cultivating healthy relationships and the power of networking

One woman can make a difference but together we can rock the world. This is intended for female audiences looking to boss up.

Beyond the Grades

Notice how the word studying conveniently put "dying" at the end of this word? Let's be real, school can be very overwhelming. Not only do students have exams and homework but then you pile on social life and career counselors, its a scenario that can lead to exhaustion and confusion. For three years Krystal worked alongside campus administration as a college freshmen orientation leader, state representative and student leader. She understands the importance of engaged learning, networking and staying the course to graduation. This thought-provoking and engaging keynote will ensure your students are not only set-up to succeed in the classroom but are equipped to succeed in their communities. As a result of this keynote, students will understand how to:

• Benefit from an education and why it is still relevant today

• Navigate social pressures and keep their cool

• Leverage opportunities to get involved and developing leadership skills

• Prepare for life post graduation and carving out your career path

Rated "E" for entertaining...or...educational, this is intended for student audiences.

Rising Above the Stats

We are born looking like our parents but we die looking like our choices. A fast-growing and diverse segment of the U.S. population, Latino’s now represent 16 percent of our nation’s population and 25 percent of children. While the population is increasing, Hispanics still lag in college enrollment and of those that due enroll, they continue to lag in obtaining a four-year degree. As a first generation graduate and a daughter of two immigrant parents, Krystal understand the challenges of being a minority and navigating cultural differences. This is a very heartfelt keynote that includes some bilingual language and stories of overcoming adversity and rising above statistics. As a result of this keynote, audience members will understand:

• The power of perspective and a positive mindset

• Navigating cultural differences

• How to work with and involve family members

• Leveraging community resources and networking

• Accelerating your success and career outlook

Lo que es para ti, nadie te lo quita. Animo! This is intended for Latino initiatives and can also be combined with the student topic listed above.

Stronger Together

It has often been said, your net-worth is your network. We’ve entered a new era where shifting cultural values and improved technology enable us to network in vastly improved, more focused, and more enjoyable ways that are more in tune with our personalities and passions. Krystal has over 7 years of experience connecting with brands, clients and shares a powerful message of cultivating connections and relationships to build a strong foundation for long term impact. As a result of this keynote, audience members will understand:

• What to look for in building networks

• How to FORM others

• Methods of recognizing the needs of others

We are stronger together. This is intended for audiences looking to discover a deeper connection with themselves and others.

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